We are offering the best of the uruguayan gastronomy with a mix of portlandia in a food truck. The uruguayan empanadas give a mix of world flavor and the street culture from Montevideo. Portland’s influence can be seen when choosing the all local organic ingredients that the empanadas are being cooked with.

Portland is a unique place in the US that encourages a culture of good food and community. It is a very good place to offer food experiences from all over the place.  The food cart movement is growing and gives the opportunity to sample food that is not common in the market.

Empanadas are a very easy meal to have as street food because they are self contained. We offer empanadas rich in flavor diversity.

This is a family owned business with a receipt that has been experimented over generations of playing in the kitchen with it. Empanadas are a quite common food in Uruguay and people cook them to have them with the more traditional mate drink.

We welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or comments please send a mail to info at pdxempanadas.com


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