We are a family from Uruguay that work together in our small business. Walter and me, Ines, relocated from our American home town Worcester, MA to be close to our children and grandchildren here in Portland, our son Gerardo also relocated from the Bay area. Because we use to make empanadas for meetings and community events with such a success we decided to take the next step and share our food with Portlanders.

In December 2016 we finally bought a mini-house with a small yard and a detached garage and I spent all my free time to my passion, gardening.

el antes del fondo de la casa

On Spring 2017 our food forest was born with the hard work of the entire family that helped me to fulfill my dream. I finally am able to do my part on stopping global warming. Carbon sequestration, healing mother earth, food security and many more reasons to undertake a permaculture project in our backyard. It is very comforting and we have fresh organic food for us and many culinary herbs for our empanadas.

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Since then it has been a very emotional and intense time. We lost our food trailer in an accident while coming back from Portland Saturday Market, had to build a new one and started the journey to convert the old garage to a commercial kitchen. We had the invaluable help of our friends from Worcester that helped us to get a free of interest Kiva loan, we also invested all our savings and got a Mercy Corps loan to finally receive the license from Oregon Department of Agriculture and since January 2019 we have a place where to make and store our frozen empanadas. The commercial kitchen allow us to wholesale frozen empanadas.

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Our customers can find PDX Empanadas at 6 of the New Season Markets and Vegan Mushrooms empanadas are sold at Food Fight Grocery Stores.