Portland Saturday Market

PDX Empanadas is currently a permanent member of Portland Saturday Market. It is a large window toward tourism that is getting better each year. We open our doors on weekends form March to December to work with a great artisan community and a group of international food vendors, many of them members since the PSM started 41 years ago. We take decisions together to better serve our customers. We have music and singers in our small stage and embrace local street artist and those that are passing by. During summer local families come with their children to enjoy the sprinklers and the magnificent waterfront of the Willamet river. Each weekend our customer encourage us to keep working when they come back to buy more empanadas and make comments on which one they or their friends prefer, or like two weeks ago when a couple came back to tell us that the pork one they ate was the most delicious thing they ate in their life. If you have try our empanadas we would love to have your feedback. Send us your comment to pdxempanadas@gmail.com. THANKS