April 7:
First step accomplished, we arrived to Willoughby, Ohio with no problem. We already have diner and are in the hotel in a good shape by now. Most of the way was known area because we went to Niagara Fall a while ago, but everything was new when we went through Pennsylvania and Ohio. New York landscape is beautiful and so are the mountains of Massachusetts. We saw immense vineyards. We ate at an Italian restaurant, pasta with sauce but it was so much sauce that I couldn’t eat it all and the plate had the salt that should be eaten in the entire month. The hotel is very comfortable so I hope we can have enough rest tonight.

April 8:

To the far west – Camino al lejano oeste

Second day. We arrived to Davenport, Iowa, 3:30 central time. We drove 80 miles per hour the most of the time. We had intense raining in our way. The landscape changed a lot, mainly flat in Indiana and Illinois, many industrial farms, trees are short, some farms with small trees with twisted branches that for sure are fruit trees but I don’t know what kind of fruit. Many wind power towers in Ohio. This city is picturesque, there are not three deckers, but many fast food chains thriving.

We have a sign in our car dashboard that says that the car needs maintenance. We checked fluids and seem to be okay. Called AAA, they said it does not need urgent care, something related to gas exhaust, they recommended not to drive over 70 miles per hour and use better gas.