Empanadas Revolucionarias

Empanadas revolucionarias was born 10 years ago out of my activism in Worcester, MA. The first time that I made empanadas in USA was for the birthday party of the collective Go Go, in Worcester. I made 80 vegetarian empanadas that disappeared in a few moments. Compañeros started asking me to make empanadas to share in our meetings. I started catering for events, parties and so on and the name “Empanadas Revolucionarias” came out of the creative mind of my dear friend Matt who meant by that food for social change.
Worcester is a vibrant city full of diversity where more than 90 languages are spoken. Out of that diversity came the Worcester World Cup event that once a year gather teams representing many countries in a soccer championship. Food from many countries is sold to thousand of families soccer fans. That was a good test for us to realize that our empanadas were a success. Next step was a huge, entire day, art event that is held twice a year and gather artist from towns and cities from Massachusetts. It was a major success. We had a long line of customers along the day and we would sold twice if we had it done.
Worcester is our American ‘home town’ and where our business was born, but we have our family in the west coast. Portland the green captivated us when we visited our children last year. It was a hard decision to take but finally we rented our home, sold or gave away our belongings and drove all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific ocean to start a new life close to our children and grandchildren and share our Uruguayan food with our new Portlander friends